3 Compelling Reasons to Purchase a Bloombox

Flowers are the perfect accessory to complete any occasion. They come in a wide range of colours and varieties, so there is always something for everyone. There has never been a better time to start making flowers a central part of your lifestyle, as they inject beauty and vitality into all aspects of your life.

However, there are only so many ways luxury flower bouquets can charm you and your significant other, and both of you may be bored of seeing the same arrangement adorning your vase. If so, you may be searching for an alternative way of displaying flowers or including them in your daily life. In that case, a bloombox may be the solution that you are looking for.

Bloomboxes are increasingly popular as they are versatile and modern enough for a wide range of occasions. Yet, they still retain the beauty of a traditional bouquet or floral arrangement. Read on to find out the three biggest reasons why you should incorporate bloomboxes into your lifestyle.

1. Bloomboxes allow you to unleash your creativity.

You have a lot more creative leeway with a bloombox than a traditional bouquet or floral arrangement. While bouquets can be easily customised and dressed up with ribbons and craft paper, they usually have similar silhouettes. If you frequently surprise your partner with a romantic bouquet, you might want to switch things up with a bloombox.

You can still stick to your favourite colour combinations with a bloombox. At the same time, it is easier to take things a step further by incorporating your favourite embellishments that you wouldn’t be able to in a traditional bouquet. You can customise the base of the bloombox to your liking, and you can still add in your favourite ribbons and craft papers for a personal touch. You can even add in a bottle of wine to surprise your significant other during a romantic occasion.

2. Bloomboxes are suitable for a wide variety of occasions.

Sometimes, a bouquet may not be the most feasible way to decorate your wedding. While multiple vases of flowers may be stunning and can form the gorgeous backdrop you desire as you take your vows, the high price point may not be the friendliest to your wallet. Therefore, you may be looking for more affordable options to fit your budget.

Instead, opt for a bloombox that can be easily customised to suit a wide range of occasions without breaking the bank. For example, mini bloomboxes are the perfect decorations to line your wedding aisle. If you need a table centrepiece, bloomboxes are certainly sturdier and typically more affordable than a vase of fresh flowers.

Beyond weddings, a bloombox is also the perfect way to express your well-wishes at your best friend’s baby shower. Aside from youthful shades of orange and cream, the ideal bloombox to celebrate life includes white roses, which represent new beginnings and youthful innocence. You can even top it off with a matching plush teddy and baby clothes.

3. Bloomboxes are low-maintenance.

Have you ever struggled with protecting your delicate arrangement of flowers during a picnic? Flowers are delicate beauties that require our utmost care and attention. However, sometimes, life swamps us with multiple commitments at once. Changing out the water in your flower vase is bound to be the last thing on your mind as you juggle your daily tasks.

Bloomboxes are one of the most hassle-free ways to incorporate flowers into your lifestyle. The boxes that encase these stunning blooms are stable and secure, making them a portable option for outdoors activities. If you are surprising your significant other with a romantic stroll by the beach or taking your friends on a picnic in the park, you don’t have to worry about the elements threatening the delicate nature of your blooms.

Moreover, they are the ideal floral decoration option for busy Singaporeans as they require minimal maintenance. The box acts as a reliable vase that will keep the flowers fresh and safe. Just remember to hydrate your blooms with a simple spritz of water – you only have to do this once a day. Additionally, avoid leaving the bloombox out in the sun; after all, delicate flowers need time away in the shade to maintain their beauty.


The next time you order flowers online, consider switching things up and purchasing a bloombox instead of a conventional flower bouquet. It may be the welcome lifestyle change you were looking for to add excitement to your life.

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