4 Effective Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Flowers

Receiving a luxury flower bouquet is a great gift representing the sentiments a loved one wishes to express to you. Not only do they mark special occasions, but a bundle of beautiful flowers can also infuse joy in your life. By adding a couple of fresh blooms to your space, the room instantly lights up with colour and energy. It is no wonder we often cling to the flowers’ short lifespans, hoping to preserve their life and beauty just a bit longer.

When it comes to fresh flowers, watching those pretty petals shrivel and wilt can be disappointing. Although good things eventually have to come to an end, there are plenty of tips you can consider to prolong the longevity of your beloved flowers. Let us share four easy ways you can preserve your floral arrangements and extend the happiness they bring into your life and home.

1. Cut the stems at a 45-degree angle 

Stems are your flowers’ lifeline. To prevent the premature demise of your flowers, you have to snip off their stems before placing them in a container or vase. Much like a wound on our skin, a flower will start to heal its stem wound after being cut. This is its way of protecting itself against potential infections and from drying out.

Cut each stem at a 45-degree angle instead of straight across. This allows for greater surface area and better absorption of water. Your flowers need to stay well-hydrated – without adequate water uptake, they can lose their rigidity, resulting in droopy petals.

After a few days, you have to clip the stems again to remove any possible blockage in the stalks.

2. Pick the right vase 

Picking the right vase or pot is a vital element in keeping your flowers alive. Dainty and delicate flowers should be kept in a taller vase, while heavier blooms must be cut short and placed in a low container, so they have room to spread out.

If the mouth of your vase is too wide, the overall arrangement will lack form and shape. In contrast, if the opening is narrow, the stalks might be squished and cannot properly absorb water. Beyond your flowers’ survival, they should also blossom in a comfortable home.

3. Remove dying foliage  

In time, some of the flower petals will wither and fall off. To ensure the rest of your pretty flowers are not contaminated, remove any wilting and dying blooms. You should also remove any foliage that falls below the water line in your vase.

Discarding dead leaves and petals will eliminate any bacteria growth in the water. This is because bacteria or fungi thrive on wet, rotting leaves, and their presence can cause other flowers to die. Doing so also ensures the water remain clear and free of any foul odours.

4. Feed your flowers 

Similar to animals and humans, flowers require nourishment to survive. You can consider purchasing flower food packets to “feed” your blooms so they can continue to thrive. You can easily find these food packets in various online flower shops or plant boutiques in Singapore. This item does not just nourish your flowers; it also contains a bactericide that keeps the water fresher for a day or two.

You can also make your flower food at home! For every quart of warm tap water, add two teaspoons of lemon juice, one teaspoon of sugar, and half a teaspoon of bleach. Do note that certain flowers, such as zinnias and sunflowers, do not appreciate being “fed” flower food, so it is crucial for you to do your research beforehand.


Seeking professional advice from reputable florists can help you make informed decisions on how to care for your beloved flowers. At The Blooming Poet, we have a team of experienced florists who can guide you on looking after your precious luxury flower arrangements.

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