4 Gorgeous Floral Wedding Bouquets Every Bride Will Love

Your wedding bouquet is more than just a prop to keep your hands busy while you walk down the aisle – it is a quintessential bridal accessory that ties your entire wedding’s design and décor together. Beyond its visual beauty, bridal bouquets are also the ultimate symbol of love.

The tradition of gifting gorgeous blooms to your lover and carrying flowers the day you get hitched dates back to the Victorian era. It was when the language of flowers came to be, and each flower represented a specific meaning. For instance, if a groom wanted to surprise his bride with a sweet, coded message, he would choose a bouquet consisting of flowers that conveyed his love. Similarly, the bride would choose flowers that expressed adoration for her husband.

Aside from choosing suitable flowers to convey your romantic sentiments towards your partner, selecting an elegant bouquet design is vital. From classic round bouquets to stunning cascading arrangements, the style you pick will play a dominant role in enhancing the overall theme of the ceremony.

Ready for some floral bouquet inspiration? Let us walk you through some of the popular designs that will befit any wedding.

1. Cascading bouquet

Made famous by the late Princess Diana, the cascading bouquet sees vines or foliage tendrils intertwined with blooms that trail naturally from the bride’s hands. It takes on the shape of a waterfall, boasting a beautiful mix of elaborate flowers and greens that fall gracefully to the floor. Roses, calla lilies and ivy best complement this regal arrangement.

The cascade bouquet is a fabulous choice for brides who wish to make a strong style statement as they walk down the aisle. Its inverted teardrop shape will stand out magnificently against your wedding gown, exuding luxury and glamour.

2. Posy bouquet

A posy bouquet is a classic choice for brides – even Meghan Markle opted for this style during her wedding with Prince Harry! This petite bloom formation is favoured due to its adorable round shape and convenience: it is lightweight and can be easily carried in one hand. Round blooms such as peonies, dahlias and gerbera daisies are typically used for this bridal bouquet.

Though small, posies can incorporate a wide range of flowers. It is composed of colourful blooms with little to no additional foliage. These bouquets are also hand-wrapped with ribbons and embellished with trim. Perhaps, you can consider personalising the ribbon with your wedding monogram to make it unique.

3. Hand-tied bouquet 

Ideal for rustic and bohemian weddings, a hand-tied bouquet is a bundle of breathtaking flowers crafted by a florist. It combines uneven stems and an assortment of flowers and foliage, producing an organic effect of a bouquet plucked from the garden. It is then loosely secured by a string, wire, or ribbon. Roses and hydrangeas that are full in flower and fine in stem are usually used for a hand-tied bouquet.

4. Pomander bouquet 

Unlike the other types of bridal bouquets in this list, a pomander is not carried by hand. Also known as a “kissing ball”, a round floral arrangement hangs from a ribbon and is worn around the wrist. This ball-like bouquet is a sphere of flowers that are typically the same size or overlap in design. A loop of decorative ribbon is added as a finishing touch. The great thing about the pomander bouquet is that it can comprise any flower! The only limitation is a florist’s imagination.

Though customarily used for flower girls, this design also works well for a bride with a playful, childlike demeanour. If you are going for an outdoor theme, finish your ensemble with a gorgeous flower crown, and you will have the whole get-up of a garden fairy.


Choosing the right bridal bouquet that suits your wedding theme can be a challenging but rewarding process. Should you require help, you can reach out to a professional florist to help you narrow down your options and bring your creative floral vision to life.

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