4 Tips To Purchasing Flowers For The Man Of Your Life

It is no secret that women love being pampered by their partners. Regardless of the occasion, ladies enjoy being showered with affection and spoilt with an abundance of gifts by their other half. Men have also always surprised their significant other with gorgeous luxury flower bouquets to show their love and appreciation.

The art of giving flowers to women stems from a romantic practice that originated back in the Victorian era. It was customary for men to surprise their female partners with a stunning bouquet of beautiful flowers to express their profound love. An elaborate floral arrangement would perfectly encapsulate the heartfelt sentiments a man wanted to convey to the love of his life. 

However, times have changed, and men love sweet, romantic gestures just as much as women do. Flowers are now universal gifts, and men certainly enjoy receiving them. What better way to make the man in your life feel special than with a bundle of blooms tailored to his personal preference? 

Before you ring up your local florist to order an elaborate bouquet of red roses, there are some tips that you should bear in mind when it comes to purchasing the perfect flowers for your guy. Let us share with you some practical tips that can aid you in choosing suitable blooms your man will surely love. 

 1. Choose exotic blooms  

Most floral arrangements take on a feminine appearance, which is why men often surprise their female lover with flowers. However, choosing flowers with an angular structure gives off the impression of masculinity and are a better choice for the man in your life. For example, tropical flowers with vivid hues and defined compositions are ideal alternatives your man will appreciate. 

While women love bouquets made of pastel shades and frilly arrangements, men typically enjoy receiving luxury flower arrangements. They often prefer flowers with full shapes and vibrant colours. Some exotic florals that you can consider including in your bouquet are peace lilies, anthuriums, or birds of paradise.

2. Go for mild-scented flowers 

Unlike women, most men are not crazy about sweet-scented flowers. They often gravitate towards wild blooms that are not overpowering in scent or striking in colour and size. Instead, flowers that have mild or subtle aromas appeal to guys best. Such florals have a natural appearance and can blend in flawlessly with any room they are displayed in. 

However, if you are unsure about the type of scented flowers your man will like, you should pay attention to the cologne he wears. His perfume is indicative of the fragrance he is likely to appreciate. A general rule of thumb would be to opt for flowers, such as carnations and orchids, with masculine scents – think earthy, musky aromas. 

3. Consider the occasion 

Waiting for the right moment to spoil your other half with a glorious flower bouquet is important. Although flowers are excellent gifts for your significant other, you want to ensure that your present is well-received and appropriate for specific situations. For example, depending on your partner’s personality, he might not appreciate being surprised with a grand floral arrangement in public. 

On the other hand, seizing the opportunity to pamper your spouse with a handcrafted bouquet on a special day, such as his birthday or your anniversary, can make the whole gift-giving experience a lot more memorable. You can even show up at his office with flowers in hand to put a smile on his face after a long day of work!

In addition, if you want to spice things up in your relationship, perhaps signing up for a weekly flower subscription plan is the perfect way to let your beloved know just how much you love him. He will be greeted weekly by different contemporary blooms and is constantly reminded of the deep affection you have for him.

4. Pick the right floral arrangement size

You might have your heart set on the perfect floral bouquet, but is it the right size? Fluffy, elaborate bouquets may make for picture-perfect centrepieces, but it is imperative to consider your partner’s style and preference and always opt for practicality. 

Before purchasing any flowers, take the time to consider your loved one’s needs and lifestyle. Instead of choosing larger-than-life, lavish blooms that require tall vases and constant upkeep, perhaps your partner might appreciate dressing up his workspace with flowers that are compact and handy. While big and bold can be beautiful, simplicity is key. 


Whichever flower bouquet you choose, it will be a memorable gift that your special someone will appreciate and love. Though flowers may not last forever, it is still a thoughtful gift full of intent and will show your man how much you value and appreciate him. 

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