5 Incredibly Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Old Flowers

5 Incredibly Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Old Flowers

Flowers are one of nature’s most beautiful elements. Unfortunately, like many things in this world, their beauty is fleeting, and they dry and wilt over time. While there are steps one can take to prolong the life of their flowers, eventually, people throw them away once they notice their blooms have lost their lushness. 

However, as environmental concerns continue to be a hot button issue globally, with waste pollution becoming an increasingly significant problem, the wasteful habit of dumping old flowers needs to change. Gone are the days when one just dumps their wilted flowers, as many are advocating for these dried flowers to be recycled to help minimise waste pollution. But how do you go about achieving that? Well, let us share five creative ways you can repurpose the flowers that have dried in your house.

1. Make a homemade potpourri 

You may be thinking, "What is a potpourri?" Well, a potpourri is basically a bowl of dried petals and spices that are mixed together to create a subtle sweet scent – think of it as a natural perfume. You can use it to freshen up the air in your home or give your clothes a natural aroma.

Sweet-scented and aromatic flowers, such as roses, violets, geraniums, and lavenders, are some of the best florals you can use to create a potpourri. You can mix them with your favourite essential oils to create a heavenly fragrance that makes your living space a more inviting one for your guests.

2. Create a botanical wall art

If you love decorating your living space with pieces of art, then you may want to consider creating stylish-looking botanical wall art that comprises your old florals. Dried flowers exude a quaint sense of elegance and profundity that make them perfect decorations for wall art. Instead of purchasing painted wall art, why not get in touch with your artistic side and repurpose the dried blossoms in your home to create a minimalist yet eye-catching masterpiece.

3. Use the flowers as gift or card decorations 

Aside from turning your dried flowers into a great piece of art, you can also recycle them as ornaments to adorn your gifts or greeting cards. So if you have received any flowers this year, reuse them as embellishments instead of throwing them away once they have dried. This is an excellent way to achieve a zero-waste holiday season this year.

 Pass on your old blooms with love by using the small flowers and leafy cuttings from your bouquet as decorations on your gift or card. If you have a bloom box, you can also make use of the container to package your present creatively without spending an extra cent on a gift box or wrapper.

4. Create a dried flower crown 

Flowers crowns are some of the most creative props you can use to achieve aesthetically pleasing Instagram shots. They are a popular fashion accessory that symbolises peace and love. So if you are looking for your next photoshoot idea, you can repurpose any flower bouquets you have lying around to create your very own flower crown.

5. Compost the flowers

If you have a balcony garden at home, you can consider using your wilted flowers as compost ingredients. This is an excellent way to repurpose your old flowers, as wilted flowers make for excellent brown compost material. Moreover, this process is sustainable and great for the environment!


Flowers are versatile and can serve various purposes besides being a one-time gift or a temporary decoration for your home. Even after the lovely petals of your florals have dried, you can still use them in a myriad of creative ways. So, the next time you receive a luxury flower bouquet, think about the different ways you can repurpose the blossoms instead of throwing them away once they show signs of wilting.