5 Ways To Incorporate Flowers Into Your Wedding

Weddings are never complete without flowers. As the quintessential symbol of love and romance, flowers can tell stories and evoke emotions that can’t be expressed in plain language. Each flower comes with its unique set of meanings, and in a careful arrangement, they will be able to tell a story unlike no other.

There are various ways you can include flowers in your wedding beyond the traditional ideas of a stunning bridal bouquet and matching corsages. Make your wedding the most memorable one possible with these unique ideas that will surely captivate your guests.

1. Pay attention to the staircase and steps.

Staircases and steps are the perfect way to add height and dimension to your wedding venue. Since they usually serve as transitional spaces, many people tend to overlook the importance of decorating them. However, these areas should not be neglected if you want to create a cohesive, coordinated atmosphere.

Staircases and steps come with plenty of empty spaces for you to slip in flowers and other decorative elements to spice up your wedding. If you have an indoor space that feels a little too stuffy, including loose greenery such as ferns and vines in between bannisters and the sides of the stairs is a sure-fire way to open up your space.

To top things off, pair the lush shades of cream and green with a string of gorgeous fairy lights or even tea candles. The soft lighting will surely complement your dress as you make your way up and down the steps, and the warm glow will transform the ambience of your wedding into one akin to that of a dreamy fairy tale.

2. Experiment with a bloombox.

Bloomboxes are becoming increasingly popular due to their sturdiness and innovative designs. If a traditional minimalist vase isn’t cutting it as a table centrepiece, you might want to consider replacing it with a lush, extravagant bloombox for a dramatic flair.

With a bloombox, you don’t have to worry about clumsy guests or messy mishaps. This luxury flower arrangement will remain secure even when spun on a lazy Susan, allowing your guests to enjoy their food during the service without compromising on comfort or style.

3. Consider a spring colour palette.

The colours of spring represent life and rebirth, as well as the long-awaited rejuvenation after the slumber of winter. With that said, it is no surprise that colours associated with the arrival of this season are considered romantic and sweet. If you are unsure what flowers to select for your wedding decor, start with a basic colour scheme of creams and blush tones representative of spring.

4. Look out for meaningful flowers.

Flowers come with a myriad of meanings, so if you want to add extra nuance to your wedding, you may want to carefully select some gorgeous blooms that eloquently convey the unique love story between you and your significant other.

Personalise your wedding by handpicking some unconventional flowers beyond the usual selection of roses and lilies. For example, the weigela is a tropical flower that doesn't wilt easily under bright sunlight, making it a popular addition to outdoor weddings in Singapore. More importantly, it symbolises grace and faithfulness, which is the perfect message to convey during the union of two soulmates.

5. Take a youthful spin with a flower crown.

Throughout history, flower crowns were worn as symbols of peace and fertility, making them the ideal wedding accessory. They are a brilliant way for you to inject your unique style and personality into your wedding outfit. Whether you are elegant, bold, romantic, or free-spirited, your flower crown can help you express your vibe without saying a word. In addition, we can guarantee this timeless adornment will sweep your partner off his feet.


We hope what we have shared has inspired you to explore multiple ways to incorporate flowers on your wedding day. If you need help decorating your dream wedding, do not hesitate to reach out to us. At Blooming Poet, we offer a wide range of bespoke luxury flower bouquets that will complement your wedding decorations. Bring your dream wedding to life with our innovative, sentimental bouquets as you mark a new chapter with your partner.