How To Choose The Right Florist For Your Special Occasion

Everyone loves flowers, for they are gorgeous centrepieces befitting any momentous occasion, which makes them the ideal gift no matter the event you have planned. Be it surprising your other half with a bespoke flower bouquet on your anniversary or reminding your loved ones of the special place they hold in your heart through a weekly flower bouquet subscription, an arrangement of swoon-worthy blooms will put a smile on anyone's face. 

When commemorating a memorable occasion, you want to pick magnificent flowers that will take your guests breath away at first sight. Additionally, if you are looking to wow others with your ability to pick out a stunning floral masterpiece, it is advised that you purchase only the finest, freshest blooms from reputable florists in Singapore – for they can bring your intricate floral vision to life.

By combining various design techniques and styles, these florists can craft breathtaking bouquets perfect for sprucing up any event. So if you have an upcoming ceremony that requires floral décor, let us share three tips to help you choose your ideal florist.

1. Research on the quality of flowers available 

    The first essential step to picking the right florist for your celebration is researching the quality of blooms they carry. Ideally, you should ensure that the floral provider you have in mind boasts an array of fresh flowers to choose from. After all, the freshest flowers are often the most beautiful. 

    Can you imagine the horror when you order an elegant flower bouquet online only to receive dull and life-less blooms during the delivery? What was meant to serve as an ornament to spruce up the event has turned into an eyesore. As such, you should prioritise florists who utilise only the finest and freshest flowers for their floral arrangements.

    Moreover, checking out the reviews that previous customers have left behind is imperative in proving that the quality of their flowers is top-notch. Not only do premium flowers exhibit a vibrant, striking appearance that can light up any event, but they also have increased longevity when compared to low-grade blooms. 

    2. Ensure the price range is within your budget

    Lush floral arrangements do not come cheap, what’s with its glamorous beauty and elaborate adornments. Often, these premium bouquets come at luxurious prices, especially if you are engaging the services of professional florists. 

    Although it is always recommended that you seek a floral designer esteemed for their exceptional artistry, you should only pay for what you can afford. After all, it is the thought that counts, and you can still purchase an incredible bundle of flowers at a reasonable cost. You should never feel obligated to work with a florist with products that require you to take a massive chunk out of your wallet.

    Additionally, a good floral designer allows you to make more-than-satisfactory purchases. For example, even if the floral bouquets you have in mind are well out of your price range, a good florist will strive to work within your specified budget and develop a win-win solution beneficial for both parties. 

    3. Take note of the floral arrangement styles provided 

    Before you engage a florist, do dedicate time to check their online services page or portfolio. This way, you can have a rough idea regarding the floral arrangements they offer and whether the style of their bouquets is one that you want to weave into your event.

    This is because certain florists pride themselves on offering a signature style. For instance, some may specialise in elegant, luxurious floral pieces, while others may only craft whimsical arrangements inspired by the visual arts. Before you go all out with selecting beautiful blooms, always ensure that the florist's designs align with your vision.

    Doing your due research in gaining awareness of the florist's design style is crucial if you want the flowers you have purchased to blend in seamlessly with the theme of your special occasion. And even if the ideal floral design you have in mind does not align with their branding, it is still worth enquiring with the shop. Who knows, your desired florist may choose to try their hand at executing your dream floral arrangement!


    Florists are stewards of life's significant celebrations, and they can magically craft bouquets of eye-catching flowers suited for any occasion. With the right floral designer, expect your floral arrangements to be composed to perfection – ideal for adding the flourishing touch to a stellar event. 

    If you are planning a special occasion and searching for bespoke floral arrangements to spruce up said event, do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly florists for assistance. At Blooming Poet, we offer an array of unique signature designs inspired by love and the arts. If any of our captivating pieces have caught your eye, place an order through our online shop today!